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Work & Asset Management

Improve operations by streamlining assets and work. Cogsdale Work and Asset Management (WAM) bridges the gap between the finance, engineering, field, and customer care departments, by providing real-time access to information.

​Visibility over inventory and assets, combined with tight controls on project accounting, project time and expense, job costing, and procurement ensures resources are utilized effectively. With Cogsdale WAM, organizations effectively manage project life cycles, streamline time and expense management, and complete projects on time and on budget.  Additional functionality includes:

  • preventative maintenance

  • scheduling

  • crew management

  • work orders  

  • business intelligence

​Maintenance Management creates maintenance schedules for equipment, inventory, and assets. Users can view test results and work orders related to a piece of equipment as well as the total cost of the maintenance.

​Work Orders are an integral part of a utility’s operation. Cogsdale’s work orders detail all aspects of work performed. Combined with powerful scheduling and dispatching, organizations can easily monitor and report on job completion.

​Cogsdale WAM can be deployed stand-alone or as part of a full ERP, creating a consistent user experience and expanding the availability of features across all areas of an organization.



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