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HR and Payroll

Companies know that employees are their most valuable asset. Yet, most human resource and payroll departments are challenged in operating efficiently; relying on labour-intensive processes to execute critical employee tasks and activities. Many human resource and payroll teams maintain employee records in hard copy, wasting time and money.

Cogsdale’s Human Resources Management Solution (HRMS) eliminates manual procedures, increases the efficiency of teams, and significantly reduces the costs associated with acquiring staff and administering their employment. The demands of a HRMS now include guiding the organization’s continuous development and sustained growth; as well as tracking the skills, abilities, and knowledge base of an entire workforce.

Implementing a strong human resource and payroll process combines technology systems with advanced methodologies to help business effectively build, manage, and maintain their people assets. Cogsdale helps companies automate human resource and payroll business processes with:

  • Flexible customization options to meet your unique needs

  • Integrated payroll to help staff handle complex and changing payroll requirements

  • Self-service suite that allows staff to submit timecards, request time off and enter or update personal information online.


Solid reporting tools such as Microsoft Excel Report Builder and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services are available. A number of out-of-the-box reports can be used as-is or modified to fit your specifications.

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