Wed, May 23 | Online

Cogsdale CSM Build 45

Join Milka for a high-level overview of the new enhancements available in CSM Build 45.
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Cogsdale CSM Build 45

Time & Location

May 23, 2018, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

About the Event

Search by Remote ID

A Remote ID functionality is enhanced to allow the system to better search and track the history of these pieces of equipment. Additional functionality has been added for an easier remote switch process (removing an existing and installing a new remote for the same equipment).

Apply Discount percentage to consumption charges

Billing calculation is modified to recognize if the Discount Rate added to the Connection is with a percentage rate detail and it will apply the percentage to dollar charges calculated on the rate details that have the new checkbox Apply Discount percentage selected in the Rate Detail Attributes window.

Option to email receipt from Cashiering

In addition to having the option to print receipts for the customer, a new option has been added, giving the user an option to have the receipt E-mailed when the payment is made through Cashiering.

Allow secondary customers to make payments in Cashiering

A new option is added to the Multiple Customers window to mark a secondary customer as being Financially Responsible. This will result in the secondary customer’s Location to be displayed on the Cashiering window, so the secondary customer can make payments.

Customer Communications - Delay of the E-mail message

A new option is added to the E-mail Messages Setup window to delay communications sent to customers.

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