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Customer Web Portal

Cogsdale Customer Web is a modern, cross-platform solution that offers an interactive and intuitive user experience. Customer Web empowers your customers with 24/7 access to their account date. The portal provides real-time access to the CIS database to validate and complete registration. Customers logged into Customer Web can also:

  • Look up balances or usage history

  • Make payments

  • Sign up for e-billing or pre-authorized payments

  • Initiate service requests

  • Use express-pay options

For utility administrators, the solution has a comprehensive administration portal to customize functionality and content. Administrators can manage and create custom content within the applications as well as perform user management, feature selection, and payment-provider configuration. A number of customizable e-mail templates are pre-loaded during installation.

Customer Web is a complete self-service solution that drives customer engagement while reducing paper and mailing costs, call volumes, and utility resources.

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