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We're in The Cloud

Cogsdale has migrated our Support Desk & Customer Portal (documentation and support desk) to Atlassian Cloud and moved to the latest and greatest version of Jira/Confluence. 


Update Your Bookmarks! and are now both replaced with:

Support Desk & Customer Portal:

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Customer Access


All existing accounts have been migrated, along with all existing cases.  Enter your email address, click the 'Next' button and click on 'Forgot your password?' to setup a new password.  

Can I still create a ticket by sending an email to


In order to provide the best possible service, Cogsdale prefers cases to be created directly via the Support Desk & Customer Portal in order to ensure the highest quality and accuracy information from our customers.  The has been disabled and configured with an autoreply.  

If I reply to an old case email, will Cogsdale receive my reply?

Unfortunately, not due to the migration and email changes.  Please review and comment on your open cases in our new portal so we don't miss your questions and updates. 

I have a critical issue and I can't login to the new portal


If you have a critical issue you can reach us at our support line: 1.800.533.9690 and select option 1 or say Support. 

What about Cogsdale Community?


Cogsdale Community ( ) is still a separate portal with a separate login.  

I'm still having issues with the new portal

Join us in the Cogsdale Community (just click Sign Up if you don't already have an account) and our team will be happy to assist.​


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