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CIS / Utility Billing

Cogsdale Corporation helps public sector clients achieve excellence in billing, customer service, and financial management.  As the leading provider of solutions for the public sector, Cogsdale provides comprehensive software applications, implementation services, and outstanding support that organizations require to thrive in demanding and changing environments.

Cogsdale offers fully convergent billing functionality allowing organizations to bill any number of services including:  electric, telecommunications, water, wastewater, storm water, sewer, gas, refuse, Internet, telephone and cable.  Cogsdale is an “open item system” with all transactional details maintained for payment and review, CSM allows for flexible rates, unlimited routes, and a number of billing plans. 

  • Budget Billing

  • Levelized Billing 

  • Cashiering 

  • EFT 

  • Electronic Meter Reading 

  • Service Orders 

  • Scheduler 



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