Business & Infrastructure

Process Reviews

Cogsdale's IPR offering was created to assist customers in determining performance and security bottlenecks in their on-premise infrastructure setup. During the process, we review your entire infrastructure (network, servers, storage, etc.) to reveal potential areas that might be a performance hindrance or security vulnerability. You are then provided a detailed report with a prioritized list of recommendations to improve your overall infrastructure, as well as directly improve the hardware environment where your CIS, Financials, and Work Management applications run.

Cogsdale’s BPR is a step-by-step analysis that identifies gaps and provides recommendations to mitigate those gaps and improve overall operational effectiveness. As an organization works with a system over time, regulations change, habits form and assumptions can be made that result in inefficiencies in the use of that system. A BPR involves meeting with members of your team to walk through and discuss the organizational goals, areas of concern, regulatory commitments, reporting requirements and current processes. From this discovery, recommendations will be presented to address gaps, optimize system setup, and improve efficiencies.