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Imagine if your Cogsdale solution was always in sync with your other systems. There would be no need for duplicate data entry, batch file transfers, complex customizations, or other workarounds. Cogsdale API makes it possible.


Cogsdale API allows you to build real-time, cost effective integrations between the Cogsdale solution and your other applications.


SOAP-based webs services toolkit support real-time payment transactions, account balance lookup, account and customer lookup, usage, billing, and payment history. Statement print as PDF is also an option that allows users to share statement/bill print among integrated applications.


RESTful service provides a number of core integration points. The primary feature includes powerful multi-field account search across multiple data points. A number of informational lookup services are supported including:

  • Account and customer data lookup

  • Account activity snapshot

  • Account transaction history

  • Account balance lookup

We also have a rich set of integration methods for our service/work order module. Tokenization security options and JSON repose formats make adoption of these services remarkably easy.

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