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Cogsdale Academy Starts Today!

Expand your Cogsdale experience through a deeper understanding of our products and best practices that help make us best of breed.


Connect with our executives and subject matter experts through regular networking opportunities and interactions with what truly makes Cogsdale your trusted partner: the people. 


Not only does Cogsdale Academy give your company full access for one flat fee to our annual Customer Training Conference, and the recorded sessions afterwards, but you'll be getting regular training opportunities throughout the year, and as a bonus: access to the previous conference/webinar session recordings as well.


Cogsdale Academy (All-Year Long)

  • Regularly scheduled training

    • Up to 8 deep-dive training sessions delivered throughout the year in addition to the regular webinars included with your maintenance and support

  • Ask Management 

    • Members have the opportunity to join an open Q&A session with Cogsdale senior leadership

  • Session Recordings

    • Current & previous year recordings available with Cogsdale Academy 2021 membership

VCTC 2021


  • 4 sessions per day with multiple tracks

    • CSM, EAM, Dynamics GP, Technical, Various

  • Exclusive product feature voting opportunity: 200% vote weight for Academy members

  • Logically organized skill and role-based sessions

  • Networking Opportunities

    • Customer Cafés, ask the expert sessions, and networking breakout rooms

  • Entertainment and social events


As a Cogsdale Academy member, you gain full access to training and VCTC session recordings until the end of the year, in addition to all recordings from the previous year.


This means anyone in your organization can take advantage of on-demand training materials during implementation and on-boarding of Cogsdale systems or a great refresher for existing users. 

The theme of this year's Cogsdale Academy is  our Harris core values. The first we'd like to share is "Empowerment - At The Point of Contact" which sums up nicely the advantage you'll have as a Cogsdale Academy member.


We at Cogsdale believe empowerment to be a primary key to success. We want you to have the confidence and empowerment to be the most successful you can be, making the best decisions you can make while using our products so that in the end it’s a win for your customer as much as it is for you.


  • Customers that do not use CSM or have up to 10,000 locations - $1,650

  • 10,001 to 25,000 locations - $2,750

  • 25,001 to 40,000 locations - $3,850

  • 40,001 to 70,000 locations - $5,500

  • 70,001 and over - contact your Account Executive

Early Bird Draw

Register and pay for Cogsdale Academy before March 31st and be entered into a draw to win one of three, 2-hour sessions with your Cogsdale Professional Services expert of choice.*

subject to scheduling

- Please note these details are subject to change

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